Martial Arts

I go to 4 different martial arts places and each one is great in it’s own way. I’ll do them one at a time. This is Wing Tsun and the instructor Stefan Fischer. I suspect he’s a genius of martial arts like Oded Schreier. He’s German and a half with a system so organised and crafted you can’t help making it your own (this is not the normal thing, people can spend years and years in a dojo and be helpless-but not here.) And what a system! The speciality is real street fighting with psychology, charm and tactics that are practised with endless repetition. I’ve never heard anything like it for smart and thorough and real. I’m not that interested in street fighting it’s just that when this guy talks I sense I’m in the presence of true brilliance and hey, why not learn some true brilliance? If you’re interested in defending yourself against the real thing and learning it fast this is it.

About David of Sydney

Photos of my rugged good looks are on Facebook under David Mane. The studio is The fruit trees come from The martial arts are, well better to get in touch and Yoda here will tell you which one suits you. The best lamingtons come from your local school fete and you must try them all. That is unless I get there first.

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