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black red

Apparently black IQs average out 11 points lower than white no matter how much is put into education and white IQs average 11 points lower than Asian similarly. There’s 3 explanations, one, genetic ie born dumb, two, cultural, no one told you to study as a kid or three, the scars of slavery, success in society has been beaten out of your great grandparents and that beating’s been handed down.
OK, so I’m reading this book that says that black IQs have nothing to do with slavery or genes. That white kids getting brought up in this certain specified culture have the same low IQs and black kids have high IQs as soon as this certain specified culture gets removed. And what is this culture that dumbs everyone down? Here’s where it gets interesting.
At the same time I’m reading Quartered Safe out Here, a World War 2 memoir written by the author of the Flashman series. Like the Flashman books, it’s brilliant packed with humour and details of history you can’t forget. The best war memoir I’ve read. One of the details is that he fought with Cumbrians against the Japanese. Cumberland borders Scotland and he says that the border wars with the Scottish were so long and brutal (tanning is big in Cumberland because they used to skin prisoners alive and thus became experts) that Cumbrian culture is basically about survival, or was. The author of the other book, Black Rednecks, White Liberals cites old Cumbrian culture where it still exists as the cause of black underachievement and the absence of old Cumbrian culture as the cause of high black achievement. Anyway, interesting it is and reading the two books together makes you scratch the old head a bit before booking the Cumberland tannery tour.

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