Health for the portly and mature




I’ve tried them all, the Grapefruit diet, Atkins, weight watchers, herbalife, fasting and the rest. Exercise, hah! Gym, running, weights, biking, martial arts, pilates, yoga, the mighty bullworker and the rest. Miracle cures, don’t get me started, Greece would be out of debt if they had what I’ve spent on miracle cures. Co-enzyme Q10, selenium, chelation, reiki, kineseology, enough vitamins to kill a horse and the rest. Here’s the diet, the exercise and the miracle cure that actually work, they make me feel great straight away. At Living Valley Springs they cured everything with raw food and painful though it is I find a day on nuts and berries makes me feel alive. As for exercise I love martial arts but that’s because it gives you confidence and I happened to accidentally run into a self defence genius who could teach a pig how to fight, and he did. No, the great exercise is ocean swimming. No chlorine, no knee or tendon damage, no cost and amazingly little effort. After the first week you sail along very pleasantly with none of the screaming lungs of running or hernia inducing weights. It feels great and, ahem it builds you up fast. Lastly the miracle cure. Try wheatgrass. It may just be me but unlike absolutely anything else as soon as I drink my glass of home grown, freshly juiced wheat grass I feel three things. One, my head clears, no fog and things look sharp and I feel sharp. Two my energy goes straight up and three and this is the best, I feel happy. It tastes like lawn clippings, no, worse than lawn clippings but the uplift, which lasts for about 12 hours is more than worth it. One last little endorsement for ocean swimming. A 55 year old gay guy tried to pick me up at the baths, OK it was dark, very dark, but I was tickled pink, it hasn’t happened in a long time. Thank you swimming.

About David of Sydney

Photos of my rugged good looks are on Facebook under David Mane. The studio is The fruit trees come from The martial arts are, well better to get in touch and Yoda here will tell you which one suits you. The best lamingtons come from your local school fete and you must try them all. That is unless I get there first.

4 responses to “Health for the portly and mature”

  1. Liat says :

    yay, oceans…

  2. cluey suey says :

    nice work Dave 🙂

  3. Wayne Cossens says :

    Now you know why Wayne has been doing the ocean swims for years. You do know that there is a whole secret society of ocean swimmers who are fabulous fascinating people and who, I am sure, would let you join them. Just if you needed more social activity or wanted some good swimming tips.

  4. Mrs G says :

    Thrilled that you have joined the ranks of our ocean swimmers and the fun of associating with blokes in speedos. Now you know why we have a smile on our faces too! Love this blog, its so you, so true and hiliarious.

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