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There was once a restaurant in Bourke St near Taylor Square called Cielo e Mare. It was half Japanese, half Italian and I thought it was the best food I’d ever tasted. I had the Mane Photo party there in the days when there were more attendees than me and mum and I’d always tell the owners how great I thought everything was. Then one day The Sydney Morning Herald did a review. The owners were excited as was I waiting to read the scholarly judgement which would let the world know how earthy Italian and refined Japanese were so cunningly combined. Well, the swine from the SMH did them like a dinner, cut them to shreds with a gleeful, upity pitilessness and they closed. 20 years later I’m in the mountains at our, never miss it, always there on the first night, best Indian food even for those who don’t like Indian food much, restaurant in Leura. I asked them if they’re on Eatabilty which is where you go for web reviews. They said that all their Eatabilty reviews were bad, they hate it and may the reviewers be consigned to the Bombay sewers at their deepest point. I immediately got the old Cielo e Mare feeling and looked up Eatability and they were right. There were three whingers glorying in their moment in reviewing sunshine when the world could hear them moan. In a panic I wrote a glowing review, brought Tamarin Indian’s average score right up by giving them 9.9 out of 10 and hopefully helped them stay in business. Then I got the taste for it and wrote 7 reviews under the name Fresser1 just in case the Eatabilty whiners or the fiend from the Sydney Morning Herald have any plans. And here they are, my favourites..

My Review for Micky’s Cafe
9Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 9 Service 10 Value 8

There’s just something about Micky’s. I think it’s understatement. It feels friendly/earthy, kind of basic right up until the food arrives and then someone says this is great and there’s always, always a surprise in that menu (ever had a cardamon and white chocolate thick shake anywhere else?). A group of us went pretty well weekly for 10 years after our martial arts class and we all agree the staff are great, the atmosphere is easy going and friendly and the food is relentlessly excellent.
Sep 21, 2012

My Review for Parc Cafe
9Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 9 Service 10 Value 8

Great creative food, a bit hippyish, a bit Jewish, a bit half indulgent/half healthy. Easy to park, friendly staff who know the secrets on the menu, cute location with it’s bike stuff and Centennial Park and fast yet unhurried service. Full marks.
Sep 21, 2012

My Review for Katoomba Canton Palace
Food 9 Ambience 7 Service 9 Value 7

It’s friendly, fast and familiar but what Chinese restaurant isn’t? What sets this place apart is each and every dish was a surprise, more interesting, more sophisticated and definitely more delicious than anticipated. There were 8 of us there ranging in age from 11 to 60 and everyone was nodding away agreeing that this was the best.

The friend who took us there told us to order 2 of each dish because we’d be battling if we didn’t. He was right and what was interesting was that the pairs of dishes came out at different times because they were cooked separately, not apparently in production line style. Great place, a real treat.
Oct 04, 2012

My Review for Pasha’s Restaurant
8.8Highly Recommended
Food 8 Ambience 10 Service 10 Value 7

It’s no guilt Turkish, like you’ve found the Ankara salad bar. Light and healthy but strong flavours and lots of it on your plate. Basically fresh, delicious but no mistaking that you’re in a Turkish restaurant and so far the best I’ve been in. It’s fast, easy-going and the atmosphere with the tile work, music and seating is subtly great.
Oct 14, 2012

My Review for Sofie’s Greek Restaurant
9.3Highly Recommended
Food 10 Ambience 8 Service 10 Value 9

Absolutely fantastic, the best Greek I’ve ever had and I’ve eaten a lot of great Greek food. The food was different and original enough to make it have a foot in both camps, traditional and exciting/creative. Also it had a home cooked Mama’s favourite recipe feeling to it. It could be a Balmain thing, but everyone in the restaurant seemed to be having a great time too. All in all, brilliant, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Sep 20, 2012

My Review for Sushi Tengoku
9.5Highly Recommended
Food 10 Ambience 8 Service 10 Value 10

Ok, my wife’s Japanese which means we eat it at home, when we go out, when we entertain and of course when we visit relatives. I eat it all the time and there is nothing better than Sushi Tengoku, even in Japan in my opinion. Larger servings, tastier, cheaper and according to my wife more authentic and of course, as is always said when a Japanese person is complementing food, fresher. Truly a great experience.
Sep 21, 2012

My Review for Tamarin Indian Tandoori Restaurant
9.3Highly Recommended
Food 10 Ambience 8 Service 10 Value 9

A group of us have made the trip up to Tamarin about 7 times and we can’t get enough of it. If we’re holidaying in the mountains we’re all there on our first night, the kids busting for it while the adults pretend they don’t really care but actually they do. It’s absolutely the best Indian food I’ve eaten, traditional but better, the staff treat you like family and there’s new dishes all the time. Truly delicious and 100% not to be missed.
Oct 04, 2012

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