Choked up



state of israel

There’s a book called The Pledge by Leonard Slater that I heard about in 1974 in Jerusalem and I found 35 years later. It sounded interesting then and it sure is. It’s a keep 2 copies just in case, on my 4th reading type of book and it chokes me up every time. It’s the little stories of how in ’47-’48 when survival was knife edge and there was no organised support at all some American would step out of nowhere, save the day, and cheerfully go on their way. Three that I remember. They’d bought Messerschmidt fighter planes in Czechoslovakia (only because a leading communist in the Czech govt allowed it in memory of his Zionist brother of course) but couldn’t fly them into Palestine because no transport plane was big enough and Mrs Silverman of Milwaukee saved the new country from certain annihilation by putting them in touch with her brother-in-law in the British Air Force. The coffers were empty and some payment for bullets or petrol had to be made or once again it was all over. William Levitt, the inventor of the suburb was approached and they asked for a lot of money, offered no collateral, no interest and said they’d pay it back if they survived. He said, with an offer like that I wrote them a cheque. And lastly no one could get in see Truman, he’s banned anything to do with Palestine and the vote for the state was coming. His best friend, business partner and World War One army buddy, Eddie Jacobsen knocked on the door got in and 2 hours later Truman said, alright you bald headed bastard, I’ll do it. This is really some book.

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