Magic Martial Arts


This is the mystical, secret internal powers, little girls throwing big guys across the room martial art. Sadly it takes brains to grasp this stuff, firstly to understand it because it is mind-bendingly counter-intuitive and then to apply it. It works for the young, the female, the weak, the fat and the old and will quite often leave the gorillas, the real men announcing that it’s absolute malarky. But it’s not. I’ve seen the 11 year old girl throw the big guy across the room and the old frail Chevra Kadisha-ready guy do the same to someone young and fit and edgy. It’s the empty hand, effortless, feel the force Sherman type of thing and John Daly, the most laid-back martial arts instructor in the known universe is the guy to go to. He’s the Maroubra branch of and what is whispered around the room in Maroubra is that it takes years in the other schools before they reveal the hidden internal powers stuff but not our John. He’s onto it as soon as you walk in the door and his love of it is infectious. It’s certainly infected the other senior instructors there too all of whom, to a man are brilliant at picking just what you need to know to find that power. Yvan, Steve, Helio, Yaren, Nirmal, the nicest bunch of guides to your secret strength you’ll find in a day’s march. I’m 59 years old and the fellows my age at Budokan Karate stand around with moist eyes talking about the good times when they could kick you in the head just before their tendons went. At Wing Chun when some harmless frail old guy comes in the room it’s Step back, the Killer is here. That’s who I want to be in the Montefiore Home.
Instructor Yvan has his own classes. He’s a bit edgier, harder and gentler at the same time and he 100% looks like a martial artist just like Brutus in Popeye. Plus he’s a great guy, I’ll get the link.

About David of Sydney

Photos of my rugged good looks are on Facebook under David Mane. The studio is The fruit trees come from The martial arts are, well better to get in touch and Yoda here will tell you which one suits you. The best lamingtons come from your local school fete and you must try them all. That is unless I get there first.

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