The Wedding Photographer on What Men Should Know About Women


There would come a moment when I’d ask each bride if there was something, some small thing she didn’t like about herself, nose, smile, chin, that sort of thing. It’s a good thing to know when you’re shooting. Then like a rumble before a volcano, there’d be a pause coming from a deep place, the groom and I would hold on and then it would start. A river, and a deep one, of self criticism from the bride with a look of relief as though at last the world will know. Most of the self criticisms I just couldn’t see no matter how hard I tried and no matter how expertly the bride would point them out. But I sat there and nodded sagely and said I’d take care of it. To myself and the groom it was a complete mystery. He’d be thanking God that his glorious wife to be was too distracted to look over and see his defects and he knew that she just loved with some agenda that was way beyond him, something deeply non-masculine and impenetrable. Well guys here’s relief. After 30 years of listening to why they love and I can say that it’s complicated but there’s a system to it, it’s just not the way a man would think.
Women want seven things from a man and they want them equally so if one or two are missing in you then good news, you still might have a chance with the other five or six.
So, the seven things that women want in a man and want equally. Number one is looks but be not afraid, if you look like the backside of a cow don’t worry the other six things are just as important as looks and she may love you for them. Number two is prosperity, can you provide, can you look after her and the kids? Number three is a sense of humour and how you talk to her. Is life going to be interesting in thirty years time when the two of you are chatting away? Number four is how much you love her. To women it’s often just as important how much the guy loves them as how much they love him. Number five is how you treat you mother and small dogs. Do you have a kind heart under all that charm? Number six is where you are in your social group, are you a bit of a man, a somebody out there in life. Number seven is the elusive secret one, the one women don’t talk about but just ask them and they’ll know all about it. Each woman has her own individual, hidden little thing that turns them on and it’s usually obscure and nothing you’d associate with being turned on, things like the books he reads, the tone of a voice, his dress sense, smell or creativity.
So there you are, if God forgot to make you Brad Pitt’s twin you still have a chance. Another thing to remember is that women will eye good looking single men above the age of thirty suspiciously. They’ll be wondering if they’ve just used those looks to cut some girl’s heart out and if they’re being sized up for the next position on the conveyor belt. Nope, if you’re funny, doing OK, you’ve got a bit of a life and you happen to really care about her give it a go. You may have more than you think.

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  2. Susan Segal says :

    I think the most important thing is that when a man is looking at the woman he loves, he should be looking at HER, not over her shoulder to see if there’s someone better on the horizon.

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