Tweenie movies you should see

parent trap

she's the man

what a girl wants

When you’ve got daughters you’ll spend the first 10 years of their lives seeing the the same movies over and over and over again. They’ll come from a category called tweenie movies, films made for pre-adolescent girls and their fathers and it comes as a bit of a shock to find out that the guys down at the gym haven’t seen Parent Trap 6 times. Not even once. Well, they’ve missed out, some of these films are great. Yes, there’s definitely an element of I love my kid the way this guy on the screen loves his but if you want to see something good that you’d never normally watch try these. I like them all but if you want to try one on for size give What A Girl Wants a go. If this mixture of comedy and sentimentality appeals to you try Parent Trap but don’t tell anyone. Their laughter will cut too deep. Here’s the list.
Hot Chick
Mean Girls
She’s The Man
What a Girl Wants
Parent Trap 2
10 things I Hate About You
Freeky Friday
Princess Diaries
Ella Enchanted
Sydney White

As the girls grow up, around the age of 9, romance movies will kick in and you’ll be watching Sweet Home Alabama or something like it at least once a week. Here’s what we matured into after the tweenie period.

Sweet Home Alabama
Dear John
Love Actually
The Holiday
Definitely Maybe
A Guy Thing
Just Friends
A Lot Like Love
The Quartet
The Heartbreaker

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