Budokan karate and advice from Dad

karate2We all got started in martial arts as a favour to Ronnie Vardy. His teacher had moved from Kfar Saba to Sydney and Ronnie told us to support him so a bunch of utterly unfit, utterly uninterested in fighting, schnitzel obsessed middle aged stamp collectors ambled in to join with our Israeli Navy seal, olympic level martial arts teacher Oded. And we became addicted. The question I asked over and over again was how do you go from complete chicken who’s never fought in his life to actually being able or a bit able. And this is where Budokan Karate comes in. You need a great teacher and a bit of danger. The moment of transformation comes from necessity, when the only way to avoid being walloped is to use what you’ve been taught. At Budokan Karate at the University of NSW there’s plenty of avoiding being walloped, safety, they’re mainly nice future doctors and engineers from UNSW, plus a workout that will leave you staggering. It’s the best place I know to practice and practice hard.
One more of Dad’s sayings that I remembered. When I was about to do something perilous he’d say in Yiddish and then translate just in case I missed the message, Remember, it’s good to walk on hot coals, …pause..with someone else’s feet, or, it’s good to ride a wild horse, with someone else’s tuchas, or, it’s good to sign cheques, with someone else’s hand. And you know what? 90% of the time I should have used someone else’s feet, tuchas or hand. He had a way of being smarter that his son the genius, did Dad.
jewish humour

About David of Sydney

Photos of my rugged good looks are on Facebook under David Mane. The studio is manephoto.com.au The fruit trees come from http://www.daleysfruit.com.au. The martial arts are, well better to get in touch and Yoda here will tell you which one suits you. The best lamingtons come from your local school fete and you must try them all. That is unless I get there first.

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