Get that Man

What attracts a guy, what does he really want? Nope, not that, not as far as I’ve seen in that, reveals all, life centre that is your local wedding photography studio. The girls who came into the studio talked, actually always talked about their difficulties in finding a decent guy or their difficulties in fighting off the never ending army of men chasing them. It was one or the other, too little or too much and what I noticed was that there was no correlation with the looks or charm of the girls, it was the way they dealt with men. There were three factors and if a girl had all three she was irresistible, if she had two it was shaky, and any less and there was trouble in the romance world.
The three factors that made for irresistibility when they came together were if the girl was happy, was friendly and was distant. The winning look from the girl was I’m having fun, I’m a naturally friendly person, and I’m busy, busy, busy. It was laughing away then Hi, you seem like a nice person and finally a gotta go. There was one girl who even by her own reckoning was plain at the best but definitely her own person and happy about it, naturally friendly, affectionate and then just gone pretty quickly. It was like watching an artist at work seeing her in action. The guys saw a girl who was happy and together, the guys wanted to be tickled under the chin with a little friendliness and they wanted what they couldn’t have. She was magnetic.
rpmance v good
Among the other girls there was one who was half Polynesian, half Norwegian. You guessed it, winning Miss World wouldn’t have been out of the question. She was happy alright, a real bright spark, naturally friendly but knew nothing about distance. Guys just seemed to leave her up until I heard her friends explain to her something about men being hunters. Problems solved. Another beauty queen was perfectly happy within herself, relentlessly distant but not one bit friendly. It didn’t go well. You get the drift, all three are needed in this little game. And maybe it’s not such a game, actually being happy friendly and strong, well, that’s a good thing.
It’s not so easy to change yourself but if it’s a matter of being a little friendlier or a little less friendly it’s worth it if you’re in the game to win. What I could hear was that the girls were completely preoccupied thinking that their problem was how they looked or that there were no good men out there. I couldn’t see it. Miss Happy, Friendly & Distant had no problems at all.

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2 responses to “Get that Man”

  1. Irris says :

    Great post!

  2. sue says :

    easy reading…like the ‘happy friendly and strong’ bit 🙂

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