Part Two, Where is that Mr Elusive?

I had a friend who ran the dating part of a big dating agency. Kind hearted and smart as a whip, her job was to make the matches. After hours of interviewing the love seeker, her computer would start puffing, bells and rockets would go off and a name would pop out. But really what happened was that my friend knew everyone on the books and she’d decide who should meet who. I asked her how was her success rate and she said zero. What happened was that they’d come in and for their money they’d get 10 dates. She said it never worked out, ever, but right after finishing with the dating agency someone and someone good would turn up and hey presto, happiness. Her interpretation was that it was a matter of how many frogs they had to go through before the prince came and that the dating agency was a frog provider. Beautiful words. Worth remembering too. It’s not a straight path, there’ll be frogs but, cute little warts and all, that’s a good thing if it gets you there.frog
I asked pretty well every couple where they met and over and over again it was the same answer, introduction. And who did the introducing? Always a woman. And what kind of woman? A single, kind, smart woman. There’s an underground of them out there and your job is to find them. It may be different nowadays with internet dating but I doubt it. The singles scene then was filled with people with battle hardened agendas and I’ll bet it still is, computer or not. Nope, what you want is a human from out there in nice normal land with no oversized judging board. Your job is to figure out where the nice normal men go in their fun time, a political discussion group, a bush walking group, a koi lovers association, an underwater club but not a cake decorating class. OK, you’ve picked your clubs, you know you’re on the path of the frog so instant results are not your game and you head out. What are you looking for? A man? Nope, a woman, a single kind, smart woman who is going to do you job for you and do it with glee and insight that you can’t come near. A major problem out their in single land is wasting time with the duds, ploughing through the stories because once in a while, not often mind you, cough, men have been known to bend the truth.
Well, your very own single, kind smart woman, who loves you will know the candidates and tell you the whole story up front. It’s her job. The one who doesn’t look like Dash Riprock but hides a kind heart, the one who’s still recovering, that kind of thing will be all told to you along with the introduction.
That’s your job, find and befriend, seduce, entrance these single, kind, smart women. Also, move on, remember you are on the path of the frog. It won’t the first or the second that turns into a prince so keep going to new places. This is not easy but it’s not so hard and there’ll be a mountain of new people and experiences. OK, maybe a sore tuchas too after you get roped into the 10 mile mountain bike race to the summit but isn’t love worth it?
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3 responses to “Part Two, Where is that Mr Elusive?”

  1. Irris says :

    This is the best post ever! And certainly the best one so far…

  2. Mrs G says :

    Such a romantic soul you are! Love it ..

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